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If you’re reading this then you either stumbled upon my site or ended up here on purpose.  Either way, welcome and enjoy your visit!

My name is Lewis McCrary.  I have various nicknames and identities; even more than that Clark Kent guy!  I’m married to a wonderful woman and have two wonderful (extremely energetic!) young boys.

So what do I do?

I’m a designer of all sorts.  I currently do mostly web design for a local company.  I also do graphic design, video, audio, photography and whatever else is required of me.  I have nearly 15 years worth of experience in design.  I can even remember when layers were added to Photoshop.  I’m a mix of being self taught and having gone through the rigors of getting a higher education.  Creativity comes to me naturally so I don’t like it; I love it.


Planetary-Society-LogosmallI love music.  I’ve also played guitar for the better part of 20 years now.  It is such an expressive instrument.  I like to write whenever time permits and I’ve even devoted a page on my site to some original work – check it out!  I have an interest in education.  Despite not being an educator myself I consider myself to be an advocate of quality education.  That leads me to the next section.


I had to save a paragraph for one of my greatest interests: science.  I’m fascinated with all sciences.  I do have a couple of favorites though.  Specifically I am infatuated with space sciences (cosmology, astrophysics, etc).  I’m also a member of the Planetary Society.  I love to take out my telescope and view the night sky!

visit Skeptic.com I believe that the promotion of critical thinking is crucial.  I read and follow various Skeptical bloggers and publications.  I’m also a member of The Skeptical Society.  An extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence.  The world can be mysterious but only when we’re not open to knowing the truth behind how it works.  At that point, the world becomes amazing and in some cases, fact can be stranger than fiction. I write about science as often as I can. It’s usually space related but I like to branch out at times. Head over to Captain’s Log to read some of my musings.

Another area I’m very adamant about is vaccination.  Get your kids vaccinated.  Bottom line: They work and it saves lives.

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