About LM3

My name is Lewis McCrary. I have various nicknames and identities; even more than that Clark Kent guy! I’m married to a wonderful woman and have two wonderful boys (soon to be young men).

So what do I do?

I’m a designer of all sorts. I also do graphic design, video, audio, photography and whatever else is required of me. I have nearly 15 years worth of experience in design. I can even remember when layers were added to Photoshop. I’m a mix of being self taught and having gone through the rigors of getting a higher education. Creativity comes to me naturally so I don’t like it; I love it.

What do I want to do?

That being said, I’m in college to study science. On one hand I’m a creative artistic type and on the other, I’m one of those logical types. The sciences have always had a place in my heart. I’ve taken to expressing my interest using my creative skills. The goal is to expose people to the fascinating aspects of the study of the natural world. I feel I can’t completely be in one world or the other, so I do my best to bridge the gap and I hope to one day make science more accessible. There are tons of people who do this and do it well. Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series helped blaze the trail for bringing it into the living room, via television. I’d like to get on board with bringing it to people by way of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and any other new forms of media that we might concoct. See below for my little write-up on my view of science.


Are You A Scientist?

Short answer: No. (unless being one at heart counts?)

Long answer: One of my greatest interests is science. I’m fascinated with all aspects. I do have a couple of favorites though. Specifically I am infatuated with space sciences (cosmology, astrophysics, etc). I’m also a member of the Planetary Society. I love to take out my telescope and view the night sky!

I believe that the promotion of critical thinking is crucial. I read and follow various Skeptical bloggers and publications. I’m also a member of The Skeptical Society. An extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence. The world can be mysterious but only when we’re not open to knowing the truth behind how it works. At that point, the world becomes amazing and in some cases, fact can be stranger than fiction. I write about science as often as I can. It’s usually space related but I like to branch out at times. Head over to Captain’s Log to read some of my musings. This section ties into the previous section of wanting to advocate science. I want to use my creative abilities to help educate people and try to make the world a better place.


Do You Want To Be A Scientist?

I think at heart, humans are that. A lot of us are, anyway. Will I ever be a lab coat wearing, researcher? I doubt it. I love being in a lab and doing experiments but I love telling people about it more. I do have a lab coat though! This goes back to bridging the creative world with the logical one. I’ve seen some talented people do a wonderful job communicating science. I want to be able to do that more than I want to be an actual scientist, if that makes any sense.


I love music. I’ve also played guitar for the better part of 25 years now. It is such an expressive instrument. I do poke at drums and piano as well but the guitar is my jam. I like to write whenever time permits and I’ve even devoted a page on my site to some original work – check it out!

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