Falcon Heavy

The Falcon Heavy rocket is slated to lift off on February 6th, 2018 from Kennedy Space Center’s Launchpad 39A. This is the same pad that Apollo and Space Shuttle both used. To top it off, literally, Elon Musk has placed his own Tesla Roadster atop the powerful rocket. If successful it will be the most powerful liquid fueled rocket in the world. The only other rocket to hold that title has been retired since the 70s.

It will be a sight to see as two boosters come roaring back to land at LZ1 and LZ2, followed by not two but four sonic booms. The center stage will land out at sea. The Tesla Roadster? It will continue on to Mars. Yep. Mars. Here’s hoping it doesn’t blow up but if it does, they will learn from it. The only good thing is that rapid deconstructions (explosions) are spectacular when it comes to rockets. A show and lessons learned, either way.